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    Copper and Brass Accessories

A Meticulous Process for Efficient Industrial Solutions

The manufacturing of pipe fittings products begins with the meticulous design of each piece. Specialist engineers carefully analyse the requirements of each industrial application, taking into account factors such as pressure, temperature, and the fluids that will be transported. Once the designs are defined, the appropriate materials are selected, from high-strength stainless steels to special alloys capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions.

Our team of experts uses the most advanced techniques and materials to ensure the highest quality and performance in every product we manufacture, from pipes and fittings to gas meters and counters. At Alferca, we understand the importance of good manufacturing of pipe fittings products and take pride in offering high-quality solutions to meet our customers' needs.

Copper Fittings


Discover excellence in the manufacturing of copper fittings with Alferca. Our team of experts combines craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology to create durable.

Brass Fittings


Discover how high-quality brass fittings are manufactured at Alferca. Get detailed information about our manufacturing process, from material selection to final finishing.

Tube Bending


We offer high-quality customized solutions, from material selection to final finishing, using state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled experts. Trust us to materialize your projects with precision and durability.

Gas Meters and Counters


We follow the strictest safety standards and use the most durable materials. Our expert team provides reliable solutions for efficient and safe gas supply.

Alferca, manufacturer for major brands, with over 15 years of customer service

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